Our Services

Castellan is a premier provider of services relating to the purchase, sale, restoration, commercial and residential adaptation, and operation of historical properties across Poland. We deal with properties ranging from Renaissance manors and Art Nouveau townhouses to post-industrial structures like factories and train stations. Our particular passion is:

  • Helping investors find overlooked (and undervalued) historical gems in Polish urban, rural, or resort areas that are a perfect fit for their strategic vision.
  • Helping the sellers of historical properties in Poland locate purchasers who appreciate their properties’ unique value and have an innovative business plan for putting them to productive new uses.

Detail from the panorama of Kraków in “Civitates Orbis Terrarum” (1617)

A full-service solution

By drawing on our agents’ own expertise and a national community of collaborators in the fields of architecture, construction, property development, finance, marketing, aesthetics, art history, historical preservation, restoration, and landscaping, Castellan is able to offer its clients a diverse range of services that include:

  • Selling your historical property in Poland with the aid of a customized, cost-effective, international marketing campaign that highlights its unique story and value. We typically employ a combination of personal outreach to our network of potential investors and collaborating agents; the creation of attractive and persuasive promotional materials (including videos, feature stories, and brochures) with the aid of professional home-staging and photography, 3D visualizations, and drone videos; the positioning of your property in the most relevant online marketplaces; the hosting of open houses and other special events; and effective use of social media platforms (including paid advertising campaigns).
  • Locating historical properties that meet your investment criteria and negotiating their purchase on your behalf.
  • Analyzing the potential ROI on investment opportunities in Polish historical properties and working with you to create realistic property development plans.
  • Collaborating with Polish banks and lending professionals to help you secure funding for your development projects.
  • Managing the process of obtaining architectural, conservatorial, archeological, historical, and legal analyses of properties; appraisals; and geodetic surveys that can satisfy the requirements of government agencies, lenders, and your fellow investors.
  • Representing you in interactions with local governments relating to zoning and development plans and applications to historical conservators’ offices for building permissions.
  • Collaborating with leading program and subject-matter experts to prepare applications for funding of renovations from national, regional, and local Polish governmental agencies and from EU programs.