Resources for purchasers or owners of Polish historical properties

Detail from the panorama of Warszawa in “Civitates Orbis Terrarum” (1617)

Beyond the professional real estate services that we offer to sellers or potential purchasers of historical properties in Poland, we strive to maintain Castellan’s website as a comprehensive, up-to-date public resource for all individual investors and companies that are interested in learning more about the sale, purchase, restoration, or innovative adaptation of such historical properties. Throughout this website, you can find more information on:

  • Databases of historical properties across Poland, ranging from manor houses, palaces, and villas to post-industrial factories, warehouses, power plants, and garages and other unique properties like granaries, windmills, and markets.
  • Service providers across Poland that offer specialized professional services relating to the acquisition, preservation, restoration, adaptation, and operation of historical properties.
  • Successful commercial adaptations of historical properties in Poland that can serve as inspiration and potential templates for your own endeavors.
  • Government funding and tax benefits available for renovations of listed historical properties in Poland.
  • The local, regional, and national government conservators who handle the granting of listed historical status and applications for permission to carry out renovations and adaptations of historical properties.
  • Academic institutions across Poland that can provide specialized expertise, training, and referrals to qualified service providers.
  • Polish and international journals that share insights, discoveries, and best practices regarding the preservation and transformation of historical properties.