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A law school graduate by training and real estate consultant by choice, Karolina built up her experience in the best real estate firms in Warsaw and Sopot, as well as in a number of financial institutions. As a professional real estate agent, a master of law, and someone with an exacting eye for investments, she excels at planning and conducting searches for suitable properties that are tailored to clients’ expectations. At Castellan Estate, Karolina also advises on a range of administrative and legal matters and ensures the accuracy and successful completion of financial processes and documentation. She holds real estate agent’s license no. 23277 with PFRN.

Co-owner of Castellan Estate | Real Estate Agent | +48 664 603 886

Bogna specializes in transactions involving historical properties in Poland. As a real estate agent, she combines an understanding of the financial demands of commercial and residential property development with a deep appreciation of the unique beauty of historical properties. She launched Castellan with the aim of making industry-leading marketing techniques and adaptive reuse strategies more accessible to the sellers and purchasers of such properties in Poland. She has experience with the sale, purchase, rental, and renovation of commercial and residential properties throughout the country.