Bogna J. Gladden-Obidzińska, Ph.D.

Bogna J. Gladden-Obidzińska, Ph.D.

Co-owner | Real Estate Agent | +48 664 603 886


As a real estate agent, Bogna combines an understanding of the financial demands of commercial and residential property development with a deep appreciation of the unique beauty of historical properties. She launched Castellan as a means of making industry-leading marketing techniques and adaptive reuse strategies more accessible to the sellers and purchasers of historical properties in Poland.

Bogna has experience with the sale, purchase, rental, and renovation of commercial and residential properties across Poland. From 2018-2021, she was a member of the Warsaw team of real estate firm Moje Nowe M, an innovator in the introduction of global best practices into Poland’s real estate sector. She participates in WSPON (Mazovia’s premier association of real estate agents) and its MLS system, an online platform that allows agents to share exclusive properties and investment opportunities before they become available on the wider market.

Bogna completed the training program for agents at PFRN (the Polish national federation of real estate organizations) along with specialized training through RICS (UK), SPAB (UK), and Recamp (Poland). She holds an agent’s license (#24405) from PFRN. She is a proponent of WSPON’s industry-leading professional standards, as well as those of the Profesjonalny Pośrednik (Professional Agent) program, to whose code of ethics she subscribes.

Bogna is also an award-winning aesthetician and philosopher of culture who serves on the editorial team of the journal Sztuka i Filozofia / Art and Philosophy and on the board of the Polish Society for Aesthetics. She studied at UWC Adriatic in Duino, Italy, received her doctorate from the University of Warsaw, and has enjoyed visiting fellowships in the UK, US, Spain, Italy, and Poland. She has taught at the University of Warsaw, among other institutions. She is the author, editor, and translator of numerous books and articles and has made dozens of appearances on television, radio, and in other media. Among other initiatives, she served as the co-organizer of a four-year cultural and artistic heritage preservation project operating across Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Belarus.

Bogna has a particular professional and scholarly interest in Renaissance architecture. She is also passionate about introducing international investors to the world of Poland’s historical properties, which allows her to draw on her fluency in English, Spanish, and Italian and her network of international connections.