The history of the family that established the Łazy Palace estate is intertwined with that of the Chopin family and the Skarbek family, in whose nearby manor house the composer Fryderyk Chopin was born in 1810. Indeed, only a gentle stretch of farmland separates Łazy from the manor where Chopin’s parents met and worked together for years.

As the son of a Skarbek himself, the founder of the Łazy estate was related both to the Chopins’ employer, Kacper Skarbek, and to Fryderyk Chopin’s godfather and artistic champion, Count Fryderyk Skarbek. The occupants of Łazy Palace and the Chopin family were essentially neighbors within early 19th-century Sochaczew county, and the estates on which they lived have experienced much shared history over the last two centuries.
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