Journals relating to the preservation and transformation of historical properties

Journals offer a valuable platform for practitioners, scholars, investors, and others to exchange insights, discoveries, and best practices regarding the preservation and transformation of historical properties.

Polish journals

Detail from the panorama of Kraków in “Civitates Orbis Terrarum” (1617)

The Polish- and English-language Journal of Heritage Conservation (Wiadomości Konserwatorskie) is a quarterly scholarly journal published by the Historical Monuments & Art Conservators Association (Stowarzyszenie Konserwatorów Zabytków), with support from the National Heritage Board of Poland (NID). As a rule, each of the journal’s articles appears in both Polish and English versions, and issues are available for download in PDF format from the organization’s website. Authors explore many of the contemporary challenges and opportunities facing those who are seeking to preserve or restore historical buildings, often presenting particular case studies within the Polish context.

The Polish-language journal Spotkania z Zabytkami [Encounters with Historical Properties] is dedicated to scholarly and popular articles, essays, and other texts that study, explain, and promote the preservation of historical properties and works of art – and in particular, the artistic treasures of Poland. The journal was originally created in 1977 as a periodical of the Center for the Documentation of Historical Properties (Ośrodek Dokumentacji Zabytków) in Warsaw. It became a publication of the Society for the Care of Historical Properties (TOnZ) in 1996, and since 2010 has been published by the Hereditas Foundation – from 2011, jointly with the National Heritage Board of Poland (NID).

International journals

A number of international journals regularly feature content that will be of interest to organizations or individuals interested in preserving and transforming historical properties in Poland. Among them are: