Maps and databases of historical properties around Poland

A number of organizations maintain interactive maps and databases of historical properties across Poland, ranging from manor houses, palaces, and villas to post-industrial factories, warehouses, power plants, and garages and other unique properties like granaries, windmills, and markets.

The National Heritage Board of Poland

Detail from the panorama of Warszawa in “Civitates Orbis Terrarum” (1617)The National Heritage Board of Poland (NID), an agency of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, maintains an online Polish-language database and interactive map of the 70,000+ historical properties – both ruined and restored – that have been officially added to the registers of historical properties maintained by historical conservators of Poland’s sixteen voivodeships. The map can be found at:

The National Heritage Board also maintains an interactive English-language gallery with photos, descriptions, historical data, and (in some cases) 3D visualizations for thousands of the most interesting historic properties around Poland. That database can be found at:

Polskie Zabytki

The website Polskie Zabytki (Polish Historical Properties) is a community-maintained website featuring a Polish-language catalog that currently includes photographs, descriptions, historical data, and other information on more than 11,000 palaces, castles, manors, post-industrial buildings, and other historical properties around the country. It can be found at:

Polskie Zabytki also maintains a Facebook page at:

Trips Over Poland

The website Trips Over Poland maintains a large photo gallery with community-supplied images of palaces and manor houses around Poland, organized alphabetically by locality. It can be found at: