Tomasz Wilde

Tomasz Wilde



Thanks to his experience and both theoretical and practical knowledge of building restoration and revitalization, Tomasz has a deep understanding of technical aspects of historical architecture. He believes it is crucial to preserve the authenticity and value of historical properties while adapting them to present-day demands.

Throughout his professional life, holding a degree in mediaeval archaeology, Tomasz has been involved in numerous conservation and revitalization projects. He regularly conducts conservational and archeological surveys and energy-efficiency audits of historical buildings.

Tomasz shared his practical and theoretical knowledge with students as a lecturer at the Department of Art and Historical Architecture Conservation (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń). Many of his former students have become conservation experts and academic teachers themselves. During his internships in Denmark, Belgium and Holland, Tomasz dealt with a variety of architecture conservation methods and methodologies which afford him a more holistic approach to historical properties’ revitalization and restoration.

As a free-lancer, he collaborated with teams of Polish and international specialists. His projects include research and conservation works at Renaissance monasteries and churches, medieval Teutonic castles, and Gothic townhouses, alongside wooden architecture. Tomasz has also worked with organizations such as the Centro Italiano Studi e Ricerche Precolombiane, Instituto National de Archeologia de Bolivia, Andea Archaeological Mission of Warsaw University, National Geographic, ICOMOS, and UNESCO, which resulted in his fluency in English and Spanish.

As the General Secretary of the Polish Union of Property Owners and the President of the Union of Property Owners in Konstancin, Tomasz works with the International Union of Property Owners, which provides him with an insight into legal regulations concerning, among other things, the relations between property owners and local authorities. Due to his long-term professional connections with UNESCO and ICOMOS, Tomasz is familiar with the new technological tendencies and the latest movements in philosophy of conservation. In 2005 he completed the energy auditor course, which has given him a deep understanding of the building’s physics in terms of its energy consumption.

Tomasz is the author of numerous articles and documentary films as a film director and screenwriter, as well as cameramen. For years he has been interested in preservation of the local cultural landscape with the use of oral history methodology. He remains a passionate lecturer and a humanist who believes that technical knowledge and abilities can highlight the beauty of historical architecture, while at the same time making it profitable for the owner.