About Castellan

Castellan is a provider of real estate services relating to the purchase, sale, restoration, commercial and residential adaptation, and creative revitalization of historical properties across Poland.

Among the thousands of such aesthetically and culturally significant properties are not only stately homes in the form of manor houses, palaces, villas, and townhouses – some dating back as far as the Middle Ages and Renaissance – but also post-industrial structures in the form of factories, warehouses, power plants, water towers, and garages, as well as historic granaries, windmills, markets, and office buildings.

The Castellan difference

In recent years, Poland has seen a wave of revitalization of historical properties: hundreds of commercial adaptations have already been successfully completed, but thousands of unique and attractive historical properties still remain, awaiting such investments.

While historical properties present unique investment opportunities, their purchase and sale can be highly complex – with specialized legal, financial, architectural, and cultural aspects that most real estate agents rarely encounter. At Castellan, we focus on exactly such challenging transactions, and we would love to put our expertise to work for you – whether it involves helping you to acquire a historical palace that has already been restored and is operating as a office building or hotel or helping you to locate and purchase a disused factory that’s an ideal candidate for being transformed into fashionable loft apartments.

Our international scope

Our agents understand the nuances of international business culture; we work with investors throughout Poland, Europe, the US, and beyond, and our agents are fluent in Polish, English, Spanish, and Italian.

We would love to welcome you for a visit to our office, or you can contact us to arrange for us to travel to meet with you on-site, so that we can begin to get a better understanding of the historical property that you are wishing to sell or a historical property that you are considering as a potential investment opportunity.

Our professional pledge

As members of MLS, our agents enjoy access to Poland’s premier online platform for exchanging and discover exclusive properties and opportunities before they become available on the wider market.

We commit ourselves to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in defending the best interests of our clients, as reflected in our membership in the industry-leading Profesjonalny Pośrednik (Professional Agent) project and our subscribing to its ethical standards.

Detail from the panorama of Kraków in “Civitates Orbis Terrarum” (1617) Why “Castellan”? - The office of kasztelan (or “castellan”) was created in the early 13th century by the Piast Kings. Over the course of centuries, Poland’s castellans – and their legal and spiritual successors – were charged with managing, maintaining, and expanding many of the historical buildings and estates that lie at the heart of our business.

That spirit of faithful, innovative stewardship demonstrated by generations of castellans is something that we can look to today for inspiration, as we strive to preserve, adapt, and revitalize uniquely treasured homes and post-industrial structures for novel commercial and residential uses in the 21st century.